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Real Life Changes is about finding solutions that provide real results for you and your special children.

My mission is to help children and adults with special needs live to their fullest potential. Real Life Changes was created to provide an online resource for families who have children with special needs at various stages of their lives. Over the years, thanks to my son Johan, I have researched and tested many products for obtaining optimal health of the mind, body, and soul... Click below to get more info on each selection that have become the focus of my passion topics and check out the page links above as well!

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All essential oils are NOT created equal!

All essential oils are NOT created equal!

All essential oils are not created equal. Because Young Living is passionate about creating the very best products, we’re also dedicated to ensuring the optimal amount of naturally beneficial constituents. Quality From Seed To Seal Young Living was founded in 1993, and from the beginning we’ve focused on becoming the world leader in cultivating, distillation, […]

How to tell if you are magnesium deficient… (this mineral controls over 350 body processes!)

How to tell if you are magnesium deficient… (this mineral controls over 350 body processes!)

This affects us ALL… Imagine the consequences of being deficient in one master mineral that controls 350 body process. This may just be the simplest, most elegant solution to our most common issues… Here are some symptoms of magnesium deficiency: low energy broken focus reduced memory comprehension sleep problems high blood pressure anxiety migraines joint […]

Role Reversals

Role Reversals

Johan (16 years old) has challenges with transitions and changes to routine. This one morning, instead of his usual winter toque, I happily pulled out his baseball hat that he likes since the temperatures are on the rise. I thought he would be happy with this change since he isn’t a fan of his winter […]


  • Testimonial

    “I just also wanted to say thank you for letting me know about the Omega 3 that I recently purchased. When I am on my second bottle I will be filling my order for a membership. I am extremely happy with the results I am getting for my son with ADHD. He seems to be a much more pleasant boy and since I started him taking it he has eaten all his food that I put on his plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s such a relief. I truly believe this is something that will be a constant in his daily routine. He just had his followup appointment with his doctor yesterday and she is happy with his progress. We don’t need to see her for another 6 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I had started him on this earlier. We are all going to benefit from it.

    - Wendy Sharma

  • Testimonial

    My son saw certain noticeable increase in academic functioning after starting in Auum this summer. School was still very stressful for him. After doubling the dose to two tablespoons daily for the past two weeks, he reports school becoming stress free, doing grade level math (he was doing grade 2 math in June), reading long paragraphs in both French and English (Reading anything was a struggle two weeks ago) and fully attributes it to sufficient amount of Auum. Thank God for Rose-Anne – again!!!!”

    - C.P., Ontario

  • “With the Auum D3A, I’ve have had two major and noticable results from using this product. The first is that my digestion is more at ease. I think it helps to soothe my gallbladder and helps me to digest fatty foods better, before it seemed they would give me trouble and make me fatigued or bloated. The second result is that my thoughts have sloooowed down. I didn’t realize this before, but I used to think too much, or spin my wheels and focus on one negative topic all the time, or even try to think about everything at once. Now, I notice that my thoughts are calm and collected; I think one thing at a time and I think it through to completion. I have never had problems focusing when I needed to, but now Auum helps to keep me relaxed and centered all the time.”


    - L. from Warrenten, VA, USA

  • “I started using the oil (Auum) right away and I noticed that my joints were better the next day when I was walking. I go for long walks and usually come home with hip or knee discomfort despite my orthotics. Since I started using the oil my joints are fine!

    Also, I noticed that my son finally got rid of a stubborn cough that was bothering him since November. Despite the fact that his diet is far from Canada’s food guide ;) and I make sure he eats healthy, he was not able to get over this cough. Now it is almost completely gone.

    Overall, I feel it is a great product and I will definitely use it on a regular basis.”

    - Kathy G.

  • “We love your product here. I myself have been taking it and have noticed a significant difference. I used to always be cold and since I have been taking it I am rarely cold now, and am way less emotional than I used to be.”

    - Jenn Quench Essentials

  • “Gavyn had many signs of ADHD when he started SK. He hs been on various medications from SK until now in Grade 4. He started taking Auum Sublingual-D the first week in March… just once daily before school. At the same time his medication was completely stopped. I think the Omega-3 is working well because his school has not called at all. They are unaware that he is off his meds. Previously if his meds were forgotten, the school always called about his behaviour. I am going to ask the school to start giving him a lunchtime dose. He has no problem taking it… Holds it for 45 seconds at least and likes the flavour.”

    - Stephanie

Rose-Anne's Message to you!

Let’s continue to spread hope…

As a mother of a 15 year old with special needs, I know I still don’t have all the answers. But what we have discovered on this life-changing journey with my son is that there are answers out there! I may not know all of them yet, and some of them may not have worked specifically for his unique needs… But they have helped others.

The key is for families and experts to share what they have discovered from their unique perspectives. And together, we can help fill in the puzzle pieces to help our children live to their fullest potential.

One of the biggest questions looming in front of us is “What’s Next?” What happens when he is no longer in school? What happens when he is no longer a part of the programs and services provided for children who have special needs because now he is considered an adult?

I believe those answers need to come from the individual and from the families. And I believe that as families who have children with special needs, we need to come together to help each other reach those goals and create those innovative ideas.

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